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We all make choices—actually an average 35,000 conscious decisions are made each day. The choices we make have consequences and determine outcomes. The Bible offers many principles to aid the process of making decisions that honor God.

January 2 - February 27, 2022
Sermons: 9



What are you anticipating for Christmas this year? Are you anticipating the celebration of Christ’s birth this Christmas? What are you doing to prepare?

December 5 - December 26, 2021
Sermons: 5



Pray? Do we really need to pray? If God is in control, all-knowing, and sovereign, what’s the point of praying? To help us answer these questions, let’s take a look at Jesus’ teachings about prayer.

November 14 - November 28, 2021
Sermons: 3


Ghost Stories

Holy Ghost. Ever heard of Him? What about the Holy Spirit? Most of us know something about God and about His Son, Jesus, but we don't know much about the third person of the Trinity. In this series, we'll examine His work during creation and in the lives of God's people. We'll remove the mystery, confusion, and misconceptions we may have about the identity of the Holy Ghost (a.k.a. the Holy Spirit).

October 17 - November 7, 2021
Sermons: 4


Socially Acceptable

“Let’s avoid the big sins and stay off God’s radar!”  Often, we can be so focused on avoiding BIG sins that we overlook the subtle sins in our lives. These subtle everyday, boring sins may be socially acceptable, but they have catastrophic consequences. Let’s consider the full counsel of God regarding this issue.

July 18 - October 10, 2021
Sermons: 13


Lord -OR- Savior

We might accept God as our Savior, but do we accept him as our Lord?  Oh, we love the 'grace' part of our faith, but not the 'obedience' part. As Christians, we forget about the rest of the Gospel.  So much so, that we often ignore concepts of sin, holiness, fear of the Lord, repentance and obedience.  In this message, let’s take a look at the full counsel of the Lord.

June 27 - July 11, 2021
Sermons: 4


Forensic Faith

Why do you believe what you believe? Are you prepared to answer that question? Together we can become effective Christian case makers. We'll learn investigation techniques and prepare our defense so we can defend our faith with real forensic evidence.

April 2 - June 13, 2021
Sermons: 11


American Idols

Americans love idols, but God surely does not. If you love and trust something more than God, then it's your idol. It may be a "good" thing...but if it "replaces" God in your life, it's a sin. Let's explore why this is so important to God.

March 7 - March 28, 2021
Sermons: 4


Obedience: God's Love Language

The 5 Love Languages describe the different ways people feel loved and appreciated. Everyone experiences love differently, and it's easy to miss the mark when it comes to showing that you care.  It also seems as though God has a preferred Love Language. Let's look at scripture to find out what it is.

February 7 - February 28, 2021
Sermons: 4

same_god_new_year-title-2-Wide 16x9.jpg

Same God, New Year

The only thing that seems constant is that things constantly change.  Change brings with it uncertainty, uneasiness, or maybe even fear.  Yet, we look for stability, permanence, and security in things that are always changing.  So, what or who should we put our hope and trust into that is UN-changing?

January 3 - January 31, 2021
Sermons: 5


The Bible Doesn't Say That

People misquote God and scripture all the time. But what happens when these popular phrases or ways of thinking are in direct conflict with what scripture actually teaches? In this series, we’ll compare these popular phrases with what the Bible actually says.

Check out the December CHRISTMAS edition too.

November 1 - December 27, 2020
Sermons: 8


Fix Your Thoughts

If you want to change as a person, start with your thinking.  Fix your thoughts!  Your thoughts control your life, behavior, attitude, and joy.  Satan uses mental strongholds to keep us from God’s truth and purpose for our lives.  We must win this spiritual battle in our minds.  When you “fix your thoughts” on God, God fixes your thoughts.

August 30 - October 25, 2020
Sermons: 9


Under God

Are you ready to discover the hope and freedom we’ve been given Under God?  Instead of focusing on politics, this series will ask what it really means for Christians around the world to be under God.

August 2 - August 23, 2020
Sermons: 4


Stop Going to Church

It's time to stop going to church! If you want to grow and thrive, you must stop 'going' to church. Plant yourself in the house of the Lord. Plant yourself in the household of the Lord.  Stop 'going' to church; be the church.

July 5 - July 26, 2020
Sermons: 4



It is impossible to please God without faith. Our faith is a gift from God; yet our faith can falter at times.  God provides times of trial and testing in order to prove that our faith is real and to strengthen it.  Let’s look at the eye witness accounts found in the New Testament to see faith being lived out in ordinary people.

January 12 - June 28, 2020
Sermons: 26


A New "REAL" You

Many people like the NEW-ness or the “fresh start” of the New Year. Perhaps we feel like we can start a NEW self…with NEW goals and NEW plans…a NEW and better version of ourselves. God tells us “to put off your OLD self…and put on the NEW self.” Pastor Mitch Cherry from Hillside Church joins us to teach about how and why we do that.

January 5, 2020
Sermons: 1

HOF Series.001.jpeg

Heroes of Faith

Throughout history, God used ordinary people to do extraordinary things.  In this series, we will look at some of the ordinary HEROES OF FAITH.  It is their extraordinary FAITH that fascinates us.  They believed that no matter the circumstances, God was in control.

October 6 - December 29, 2019
Sermons: 12

get_in_the_game-title-1-Wide 16x9.jpg

Get in the Game

IT'S GAME TIME!  It's time for us to get spiritually fit because God needs us in the game.  He needs us to share the Good News, to have a heart of a servant, and show people love through our generosity.

September 1 - September 22, 2019
Sermons: 4

the_naked_truth-title-1-Wide 16x9.jpg

The Naked Truth

Sex! What did God, the creator, intend for us when he created sex.  Satan and our culture are trying to pervert God's design for sexual intimacy.  Most everyone, including our youth, have a cell phone with instant access, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to free, unlimited, hardcore pornography. In this series, we discuss the myths and truths about sex.

May 9 - July 7, 2019
Sermons: 5

PRAYER 2019-Junior.jpg


Our prayers are how we talk to God. But when we talk to God, do we speak to Jesus, the Father, or the Holy Spirit? Elder, Junior Waterbury, teaches about the importance of prayer and how we should pray.

April 27, 2019
Sermons: 1

I want to believe but....jpg

I Want To Believe, But...

I want to believe in God, but I can't feel Him, He doesn't answer my prayer, God's a big killjoy, He allows bad things to happen, I believe in science, and there are so many religions.  Maybe these have been deal-breakers for you as it relates to believing in God. When we say, “I want to believe,” are we talking about God…or our own version of Him?

April 28 - May 2, 2019
Sermons: 6

Holy Week.jpg

Holy Week

We start this series on Palm Sunday as we celebrate the King who didn't meet their expectations.  Then we remember Good Friday when Jesus stamped our sin debt "paid in full."  Lastly, we explore the evidence of Jesus' resurrection as the "proof of purchase for our sins.

April 14 - April 21, 2019
Sermons: 3

Chazown Sermon Series.jpg

Chazown: God's Vision for Us

Chazown. It's the Hebrew word for vision, and it's what God had in mind for you when you were created. Each of us is a masterpiece, placed on earth for a unique purpose that's solely ours to fulfill. In this message, we realize God has a dream for our life...our Chazown.

January 6 - March 10, 2019
Sermons: 9

Better Together_wk2.001.jpeg

Better Together

It is better together.  Like cookies & milk and campfires & s’mores, it is better together.  God created us that way…and his plan for the church is that it is better together.

October 28 - November 11, 2018
Sermons: 3

The Miracle Sermon SLIDE 2018.jpg

The Miracle of Christmas

We can get so caught up in the festivities of Christmas that we miss the miracle.  What is the miracle of Christmas.  In this message series, we will look at (1) the miracle of the moment, (2) the miracle of the message, (3) the miracle of the method, and (4) the miracle of the manger.

December 2 - December 23, 2018
Sermons: 4



Let's explore what's happening when things go our way—and when they don’t. The favor of God is the guarantee of His presence and the provision of His power to accomplish His special purpose in and through my life.

September 9 - September 23, 2018
Sermons: 3


Love & Hate

I want to know God more.  So, what does God love, and what does God hate?  Actually, we discover that God "is" love!  So, why is it so hard for us to feel God’s love sometimes? 

July 22 - July 29, 2018
Sermons: 2

True Worshipers Sermon.jpg

True Worshipers

What we worship shows what we value. We focus on three things you need to be a true worshiper of God: awe (wk1), abandon (wk2), and intimacy (wk2).

July 8 - July 15, 2018
Sermons: 2

In the Waiting.jpg

In the Waiting

Like children, we want things now.  Some of the greatest figures in the Bible — Abraham, Joseph, Moses, David — had to wait for many years for God’s promises. “In the waiting” was used to prepare them, inwardly and outwardly.

May 27 - June 10, 2018
Sermons: 3

BAGGAGE Sermon Series.jpg


We all have baggage.  Let's acknowledge and check our baggage as we renew our mind with truth…because God renews our life. 

April 29 - May 20, 2018
Sermons: 4


We Are A Battleship

What kind of church are we: a cruise ship or battleship?  It’s ‘all hands on deck’ as we ensure our battleship is outfitted with The Armor of God as we engage in spiritual warfare.  Our mission is to take care of fellow soldiers on this battleship and fight for those not currently on God’s battleship.

March 5 - March 28, 2018
Sermons: 4

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